Staples Three-ring Binder

You can put your King James Bible (PCE) printout in a three-ring binder to quickly get you started in Bible publishing. Staples has a three-ring binder called, "Better Binder" with a lifetime guarantee on it (that's what the sign said in the store. It looks like the corners are made out of tire rubber)--

  • 1" binder holds 275 sheets, $7.49, Item No. 648819, Model 13395
  • 1.5" binder holds 400 sheets $8.99, Item No. 648821, Model 13394
  • 2" binder holds 540 sheets $10.99, Item No 64882, Model 133933-CC

I try to shop in my local stores, but if you need to shop online, here is a link for the Staples website. The bigger binder of this model did not get the greatest reviews, so I did not include it. In the past, I haven't had the best experience with very large three-ring binders.

I advise you to publish extra Bibles while you are at it. Save a copy of this critical file on your hard drive, but live as if there may be no electricity tomorrow. There may not be.

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