Pharisees Alive

Pharisees alive
          the spirits didn't die.
When the flesh gave way
rabbis laid
in stately graves
wailed and bemoaned
As the widows groaned
whose houses they devoured
in their cursed living hour;
          the spirits didn't die.

The spirits leapt on to
the next generation
to foul their nation
with their own damnation
Oral tradition
codified and written
blasphemy against the Son of man smitten.
Rabbis wrote it down in the Talmud and Misnah
Tell us what's in there--you won't dare.
It's an outside gnosis
Kabbalah hocus-pocus
causing your people to lose their focus
It's the scriptures cast aside
for the rabbis' pride
and for those that would enter
they greatly hinder;
          the spirits didn't die...

          Yes the temple is gone, but gold still shines
          after all this time;
          the spirits didn't die.

May 2009